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8 Evidence-Based Tips That Helped Me Find Love 🥰


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One of the biggest predictors of life satisfaction is the quality of our relationships and there are studies which show that it's specifically your romantic relationships which correlate with these health and happiness outcomes. So in this video, I'll be sharing some tips from that I picked up from talking to behavioural scientist Logan Ury who's written the fantastic book How To Not Die Alone. Enjoy x

Check out my interview with Logan here - https://youtu.be/CTLWzzmfOxQ

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⏱ Timestamps
01:17 Tip #1 - Throw away the checklist
03:03 Tip #2 - Overcome the hesitater mindset
04:47 Tip #3 - Don't fall into the interview trap
06:34 Tip #4 - The peak end rule
07:45 Tip #5 - The second date rule
09:15 Tip #6 - The experiential mindset
13:18 Tip #7 - Basement person vs penthouse person
14:02 Tip #8 - Treat it like an experiment

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By: Ali Abdaal
Title: 8 Evidence-Based Tips That Helped Me Find Love 🥰
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-mxesCotgs